Do you want to be part of the biggest happiness-revolution of our time?

Then join us now and let´s say: "One Million Good Thoughts - Let´s go!"

OMGT starts in...

Step 1: Watch the videoStep 2: Click the button and join us

What you receive during "OMGT" is...

  • A workbook with important tasks for your personal development
  • 7 "Good-Thought-Mails" for inspiration and motivation
  • Daily meditation & yoga sessions for mental calmness
  • Access to the exclusive facebook group with like-minded people
  • Easy realizable hackz for a successful mindset, health and personal growth
  • The spirit of a global movement of life-adventurers
Yes, I am in!

This is how you do it 😉

  • Come and join us!

    1. click the participation button

    2. pay your participation fee

    3. enter your name and email into the form

    4. Welcome, you´re in!


  • The time has come

    1. Every morning at 7 you receive your „Good-Thoughts-Mail“

    2. We also send your daily meditation & yoga session for daily excercise (if you like to)

    3. You have unlimited access to ALL interviews during OMGT

    4. With the workbook you can improve your personal development in your own speed and whenever you want

    5. You have full access to the exclusive facebook group and you´re able to let yourself be inspired by this wonderful community

    6. Enjoy everything in YOUR PERSONAL week

  • What happens after OMGT?

    1. You will rise up and shine fully based on happiness – You look great!

    2. We are able to donate to beautiful charity events and social projects – Thank you!

    3. Of course you will still be member in the inspiring FB-group – Welcome back!

    4. You will receive one-time-offers and discounts for great products that will keep our level of happiness up – Ca-Ching!

    5. You will be kept up to date about everything happening and all the plannings for OMGT 2019; OMGT the movie and OMGT Festival by our „OMGT-Newsletter“

Yeah, I want to be part of this movement!

Your advantages on "One Million Good Thoughts"

  • Your personal workbook

    You receive a comprehensive workbook with questions, tasks, methods and space for notes for your personal growth. Your personal workbook, your speed, your choices!

  • The exclusive FB-community

    You´re part of the breathtaking and appreciatively community of like-minded people and you have the possibility to connect, swap ideas, network and even find friends all over the world.

  • Daily up-to-date input

    Every morning at 7 you receive the „Good-Thoughts-Letter“ with daily tasks, inspiration, quotes and many more for your personal development and motivation to keep working on your goals.


  • See it with your own eyes from different angles

    Let us inspire you by wonderful videos, high-class interviews with motivating speakers and well-selected pictures and quotes to see yourself and the world from a new perspective.

  • The concentrated power

    EVERY DAY we cumulate our positive thoughts and energy to send out a positive vibe – a force field – of happiness, compassion and kindness into this world. Energy matters!

  • You receive the perfect tools

    With our approved hint and tricks – that complement each other like gear wheels – we will bring your „clockwork of life“ back into the right momentum.

  • Let´s create a win-win-win-situation

    With our participations we create a threefold impact on you (personal growth and happiness), me (new social projects) and the world (donating to people in need).


  • Small commitment - Huge results

    With your participation you receive a package that is worth more than hundred-times your fee and you even create the possibility for helping people in need. You are wonderful!

  • This is your chance!

    Of course your life won´t improve by just watching videos and without acting! So, dedication is needed to improve your life in the long-term. The more you put effort into your personal growth – with our support – the more you improve your life. Be the change!

Sounds great, I am in!

Spread the word and help this movement going global!

wouldn´t it be nice if more people get to know how they could improve their lives, live happier and at the same time making this world a better place?

Sharing is caring! 😉

FAQ - Your questions, my answers

Can everybody join "One Million Good Thoughts"? +

Absolutely! Especially because this is a movement of happiness and positive thoughts towards a better world, I would love having as many people as possible participating. Our world needs positive people and kindness more than ever!

Happiness to everybody!

Why did you create "OMGT"? +

I created "One Million Good Thoughts, because...

... I have had enough of all the negative headlines, thoughts and pictures on the news, on the internet and inside my head.

... it is my mission to help people finding their own power, implementing their strengths into their daily life and building up a life they are dreaming of.

... happiness should never be a question of "being affordable"

... I know about the power of a strong community of like-minded people

... I trust in this project and the win-win-win-effect we create

My vision is to create more space for the positive aspects in our lives. That doesn´t mean that there is no negativity in this world, but I believe that we can only fight this negativity with a clear focus on happiness, kindness and compassion. I am happy to have you on "the bright side of life" 😉

What does this challenge amount to me? +

"One Million Good Thoughts" brings you a whole load of happiness, personal development and easy realizable tools and methods. You will not only be more energized but also receiving   priceless knowledge from high-class experts, mediation for mental calmness, yoga for more flexibility and a holistic plan for improving your life and getting more happiness. And with the help of your personal workbook you can work in your own speed, whenever you want to and independent from the event itself.

All combined "OMGT" helps you to program your receiver on "positivity". So let this party begin 😉

Why does the participation only cost $7? +

This is because happiness and a better world should - with my point of view - never be a question of "being affordable". I want as many people to being able to participate and being able to change their lives positively. Only if we all are able to participate, we can make this event a movement.

But why does it then cost $ 7? Because we create a win-win-win-effect to get the movement gaining some speed.

Win 1) You receive high-class content with a huge value for your personal development

Win 2) We are able to donate to charity and social projects to give the world something back and help people in need

Win 3) You help me keeping this movement going and planning further events like "OMGT 2019" / "OMGT the movie" / "OMGT the festival" and so on. Everything will of course being reported on the facebook page because I love authenticity, transparency and honesty!

Why can I also pay more than $7? +

The more the merrier! 😉

I think you already know: if you voluntarily want to pay more, we a) have more to donate to places where it´s highly needed, b) we can grow faster and are able to create more high-class value and c) we can realize new events eve faster.

And it never has to be 1000, 100 or even 50$, but every single Dollar helps - threefold!

P.S. if you still would love to pay $ 1000,- I wouldn´t be unhappy 😉

How can I pay more? +

That´s easy-peasy! Just click on one of the yellow participation buttons. You´re directed to a Paypal-site, where you can define the "amount" of purchases. Every "piece" means $7 (eg. amount 2 = $ 14). If you picked the right amount just click on "refresh". Your cart will be updated by the new amount and you can finalize the payment-process.

By the way: Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! :-*

I don´t have a PayPal-account, is there another payment method? +

No problem! Just click on the yellow participation button and you will be directed to Paypal. Under the login field you can click the link "paying by debit or credit card". Just type in your details and you´re able to join even without an PayPal-account.

What happens after the payment? +

After you paid your participation fee, you will be directed to a site where you have to fill in your details (name & email). This is absolute mandatory, because otherwise i can´t reach you for further information or during "OMGT". If you completed that step, everything is done and you´re part of the "happiness revolution" 😉

Of course I would be happy if you like our OMGT Facebook page. There will also be some extra information on all the preparations, speakers, etc. So: "thumbs up" 😉

To which institutions will be donated? +

The donations will be directed to a balanced mix of institutions. I place high value on the biggest possible effect and therefore the donations will go to organizations within the segments: Humans, Animals & Nature. The exact mix will be communicated when we know the amount of donation.

P.S. You can also suggest an institution within the survey we will send around after "OMGT". Together we are strong!


50% will be donated, what happens with the rest? +

Good question! You can imagine that with such a huge project also huge costs are connected. With the other 50% all the costs for realizing "OMGT" will be covered. This includes VAT, taxes, Paypal-transaction costs, website and hosting, travel expenses, newsletter system and so on. And of course I also take some money for my living (like a loan) and to cover costs for creating further events like "OMGT 2019", the "OMGT movie" or "OMGT the festival".

I will also publish all information on #participants, revenues, donations and so on social-media. I want full transparency!

What about...? +

If you should have a question that isn´t answered above already, you can easily send me an email with your question to I try to respond as soon as possible - promised!

P.S. please don´t be impatient if the answer takes a little longer. You can imagine that with the goal of 1.000.000 participants, there will be some emails to work on 😉

What are you waiting for?

If you´re still not sure if you should participate, ask yourself one question:

Do I want MORE happiness, freedom and self-determination in my life?

Yes, gimme more happiness!

The face behind "One Million Good Thoughts"

My name is (29) and I am a social-preneur, creative mind, life-adventurer and a happiness-cultivator. One day I had the vision of a life changing project with which I could not only improve people´s lives but creating the most holistic effect on the world - ONE MILLION GOOD THOUGHTS.

What is more to say about me? I am living on a vegan diet, I love music, singing and dancing (although I am not good at both ^^), I love to travel the world, preparing good food and I totally enjoy a good party with my friends (this is what I am good in ^^). But what I love most is inspiring people and showing them how beautiful this world and every single life is. And there is a good life for everyone of us!

So, I am just a normal guy like the guy-next-door but I have the will to make this world a better place! I am looking forward to connecting like-minded people for a revolution of happiness. Let´s do this!


All details according to § 5 TMG and resposibility for the content according to § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:

Alexander Dahms

Klaus-Groth-Str. 87

20535 Hamburg


Email: hello (at) onemilliongoodthoughts (dot) com